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Exhibition Overview

ARABPLAST - The 11th Arab International Plastic & Rubber Industry Trade Show, held every two years, officially ended on January 10th. The exhibition floor space covered 30,000 sq. meters, with nearly 720 exhibitors from 45 international countries and over 19,000 visitors, of which majority are from GCC, and other nearby countries such as Iran, India, Pakistan, and Africa in participation.

This year, there are over 80 renowned Taiwanese companies exhibiting in Hall 3; the hall with the greatest machinery in size and quantity and the only hall with its own national flag “Taiwan” displayed out of the 8 halls. Asia Machinery.net focused its Taiwan Pavilion Show Guide distribution in hall 8, and at the border of hall 3 and 4 to lead buyers to the Taiwan Pavilion.

Up until the 3rd day of the exhibition, returning visitors were very interested in Taiwan’s machinery and began finalizing deals with various exhibitors onsite. Hall 3 was not only filled with operation sounds of machines, but also filled with a proud and cheerful atmosphere.

Exhibitor's Report

Fong Kee International Machinery Co., Ltd.
Ms. Susan Wei
Fong Kee first began the sales of Blown Film Machine in the Middle East 20 ~ 30 years ago, and later switched to Blown Molding Machine as its main sales product. Middle East was an important market; however, bargain became a culture for locals, hence Fong Kee only maintained a fixed quantity for this area. In 2009, under the encouragement of friends, Fong Kee participated in Dubai Show for the first time and has succeeded in opening up a channel in the Middle East market.
This year, the quantity and quality of buyers has exceeded our expectation compared to 2011 due to the financial crisis. Fong Kee’s machines are relatively lower cost than European and North American machines, yet the performance are absolutely comparable. Overall, the price/performance ratio is definitely ideal. As for the future of Middle East Market, we maintain an optimistic view.
Mr. Ted Chen
Hemingstone has already participated in Dubai Exhibitions 10 years ago, and because Dubai is considered over developed and market information is very accessible to Taiwan suppliers; thus, majority of supplier exhibit in Dubai is due to its location since it is the business center in the Middle East area.

European and North American machines were introduced in the early periods, and when they started using Taiwanese machines, the majorities prefer Taiwan machines. Hence, this is why Taiwan pavilion this year has the most machines. However, the boom of China has created problems to us due to their low price strategy.

Exhibiting on behalf of our company, 2009 was the least effective to us, 2011 was the rebound from the end of the financial crisis, and 2013 was the most effective for our company.

Hci Converting Equipment Co., Ltd.
Mr. Jacky Chang
As Dubai was built on the oil industry, local imports are equipment, and semi-finished or finished products are the main export. We believe suppliers exhibit not only for the local market, but more importantly value the Southern Asia, East Africa and North Africa Market.

Exhibiting since 2003, we noticed exhibitors have had great sales revenue until the financial crisis. During and after the financial crisis, sales revenue has reduced at least 40%. However, this exhibition is one of the largest plastic show in the Middle East, which can bring potential buyers from Middle East, Southern Asia, East Africa and North Africa; and this is one of the main reasons why suppliers exhibit in this show.

For 2013, HCI will participate in the following 4 exhibitions:

  1. 2013 PLAST IMAGEN MEXICO - The Mexican Plastics Show
    2013/03/12 – 2013/03/15 Booth:2437
  2. Thai International Plastics & Rubber Exhibition
    2013/04/03 ~ 2013/04/06 Booth: J13
  3. K Show
  4. Plas India

We sincerely welcome your visit. Your suggestion is HCI’s motivation.

Taiwan Forever Industry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Charles Chang
We’ve exhibited in Dubai for nearly 10 years, and up until now the first event had the best result as we received actual client orders upon returning to Taiwan. The next few editions were average but consistent as we had to execute numerous follow-ups.

As we want to develop thoroughly in the Middle East market, we continuously exhibit in the show, hoping to increase our brand exposure.

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