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Taipei Int'l Mold & Die Industry Fair 2017


Date: 2017/9/6 - 2017/9/9

Venue: Taipei Word Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall






Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association
Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.


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1.  Mold & Die Equipment and Materials

    (1) Processing Machinery Machine Tools

    (2) Mold & Die Materials and Components

    (3) Accessories

    (4) Applied Machinery

    (5) Design ODM

    (6) Design & Production of Mold, Sub-manufacture

2. Optical Mold

3. 3D Printing

4. CAE Molding




News and Magazines:

Spread information and advertisements to domestic dominant news such as Economic Daily、Business News、China Times、United Daily News、leading news in central and south part of Taiwan…,and related professional magazines.

Invitation Card:

1. 300,000 Invitation cards will be printed and be sent by Chan Chao Company, collocated institutions and media, exhibitors to make mass spread to visitors.

Chan Chao Company will search the potential buyers based on the visited buyers information accumulated from past years and related purchasing industries.


Design Buyer’s Guide of Taipei International Mold & Die Industry Fair 2017 by internet, which contains information of company and producing products Design EDM and potential buyers database as well to invite related industries by E-mail.

Overseas Promotion:

1. Spread out the information of the exhibition to related overseas exhibitions and industrial expos organized by Chan Chao (such as Europe→Germany、 Poland、Italy、Turkey…,central and south America→Argentina、Mexico、Brazil…,Asia→China、Hong Kong、Japan、South Korea、Russia、 Dubai…,east and south Asia→Malaysia、Vietnam、Philippine、Indonesia、Thailand…etc.)

2. Invite the foreign buyers through the foreign agents of the organizers.
Invite worldwide buyers through the assistance of organizers worldwide and the trade offices in Taiwan.

Institution Invitation:

Invite the chief of the government and related industrial group, R&D institutions to improve the image of the exhibition.

Buyer’s Guide and Compact Disk:

Release Buyer’s Guide and compact disk and give free to the member of domestic related institution、related industries and the visitors.


Exhibition Fee


Type of Stand

Show Area


Raw Space

9 sqms (3m×3m)

US $2,520

Standard Booth with basic furniture

9 sqms (3m×3m)

US $2,880


1.  Standard Booth contains: 3 ×Partitions, 3×Spot lights, 1×110V socket, 1×Carpet (9squms), 1 × Signboard, 1× Information Desk and chair.

2.  Exhibitors could choose to rent raw space (searching contractors by yourself) or standard booth with basic furniture.

3.  Power Electricity, 24hrs electricity, water supply of water pipe, air compressor and forklift will be charged additionally.




1. Mail or fax the application form to below with the authorized stamp of company and signature of the person in charge.


TEL:886-2-2659-6000  FAX:886-2-2659-7000

Contact Person:Ms. Mindy Huang (ext.315)

2. Down payment should be made before 30 November, 2017, and balance payment should be made before 31 July, 2017.


Contact info


Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
TEL:886-2-26596000 #192 ; #315



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