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Privacy Policy


Asia greatly respects and protects your privacy. In order to help you to have a comprehensible understanding on how this Website collects, applies and protect your personal information, please read explicitly the following Privacy Policy by Asia This policy will help you to see the principles and methods we based on how we treat your personal information.


1. Applicable Scope


This Privacy Policy applies to your internet activities on the website of Asia, which involves the personal information collection, application and protection. However, it excludes the links through this Website. When you are engaging in the Internet activities on those websites, your personal information is protected under its own Privacy Policy.


2. Principles on Collecting Personal Information


Under the regulation of Computer Communications Privacy Protection Act of Asia, this Website will not collect personal information without the permission of the user’s agreement. We will collect your personal information through the following channels:


  1. Contact Us: We need to contact you through your e-mail address and/or any other correct contact information you provide when we respond to any of your comment or question about this Website.
  2. Internet Services: When you participate with this Website’s internet survey, we will require your agreement in advance before we draw any statistical result out of the answer you provide or to analyze it.


3. Use of Your Personal Information


Information about individual users collected on the Asia sites is used for internal business purposes, including customizing services, contacting members regarding submissions, and responding to requests for information. On occasion, Asia or one of its members or affiliates may also use this information to inform you of news, service upgrades or new services or products that may be of particular interest to you.


4. Use of Cookies


Asia only use cookies to facilitate functions at the Asia Machinery Web sites and does not record or store any information about your movements on the Internet outside of Asia Machinery Web sites. Please note that if you click on a link to a third-party Web site from one of the Asia Machinery Web sites, the linked-to site may have different policies and practices with regard to cookies and Asia has no control over and is not responsible for such policies or practices. You should always consult the privacy policy governing any Web site you visit on the Internet for complete information about their policies and practices.


Although this Website dedicate itself on protecting the user’s personal information, however, the information transmission on internet is not 100% secure. Under some particular situations, we will use SSL Security System to protect the security of the information transmission. Because the process of information transmission involves the quality of your internet access environment, we can not assure users’ security on transmitting or receiving information within this Website. The users need to be cautious and take the risk when you choose to do it.


5. Modifications on Privacy Policy and Data Security


We may make changes to the Privacy Policy from time to time to conform to any newly made privacy policy regulation. We will notify you of any changes by posting a notice on the home page of the Website whenever there is a major modification of it.


6. Privacy and Information Security Policy


Any of your comments regarding this Privacy Policy, or any problem regarding the personal data collection, utilization, and renewal is deeply welcomed.


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